Escorts, prostitutes or whores?

Escorts or whores?

Escorts, prostitutes or whores?

Most people think that being an escort and prostitute is the same because all these ladies have something in common for their “business” relationship with sex. Perhaps, to make clear the differences, let’s start by defining the linguistic use of the etymology of these qualifiers.
As we define prostitution: we can define as the fact of having sex or engage in sexual activity in exchange for money or goods (Wikipedia) This activity is more common among women, although this term also applies to men..
When somebody is prostituting, it is understood that there is no emotional or affective relationship, and that no criterion is applied when choosing the client and it is just for receiving the money. So in a more colloquial and generic sense of the word, also said that prostitute is anyone who “sell” their services (nonsexual) for a cause that does not care and even considering it unworthy, for the sole purpose of receiving one payment.
It is also interesting to know (to find differences between the terms whore, prostitute or escort), that the etymology of the word “prostitution” comes from latín “prostitutio” which in turn comes from another Latin term, “prostituere” which literally means “display of sale” and the term “bitch” is equivalent to “prostitute” is due to a contraction of the original term vulgar.
It has always been a lot of terms, both to refer to prostitution as people who practice it, places, customers and related activities, but in Spanish-speaking countries, the colloquial term most commonly used to refer to a prostitute’s “bitch”. This word has a strong pejorative connotation; its use has surpassed the description of a profession, and often is often used as an insult or a rude way with some element of adjectives. It is for this reason that some of these women in prostitution on the streets say they are not “whores” and reject the word “whore” because as they say, this word defines the promiscuous woman who has sex without pay salary and this is the pejorative origin of the word “bitch”.
The term “escort” has meaning “companion” in the English language. Here is the main difference between the terms “escorts” and “prostitutes” because these women do not offer the same range of services. Prostitutes offer sexual services exclusively to its customers and the accompanying offer a more complete service that can accompany different events, celebrations, parties, dinners, to replace a girlfriend or wife (what is known as GFE (Girlfriend rental) and offers erotic massage (many have studied chiropractic and alternative therapies actually) and clearly offer sexual services.
As with everything, there are differences between the levels of participation, knowledge and skills, so in the name of “escort” we must also differentiate the “luxury scort“. The problem is that in many cases the word “luxury” is used without any basis and is devalued. Luxury escorts (contrary to what many people believe) is not solely and exclusively by their physical difference her main virtue. For a luxury passenger the miss must meet other requirements, perhaps even more basic, the first is do it freely and feel comfortable, you must have a good level of education, speak foreign languages, have good manners, balance in different events social and dress well. A good luxury companion not usually have a very “professional” attitude, but it is a natural treatment, as a friend, a girlfriend, not professionally engaged and often appointments with other activities like study or work are combined.
Knowing the person you are hiring (to avoid unpleasant surprises) is important, if you are looking for a luxury escort in Mallorca is advisable to do so through an agency.
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