Interview with escort Mia

B.E.M: Hello Mia, why did you decide to work in our luxury escort agency?
Mia: For my personal, family and work situation, I was looking for a luxury escort agency in Mallorca that is selective and discrete; yours seemed to me the most distinguished, reliability and prestige. I am very happy that you trust me and to be with you. All my expectations really are reaffirmed.
B.E.M: How is your day to day?
Mia: Normal, like any woman of my age. I try to be in shape, gym, my work, my family and my favorite and desired moments as accompanist.
B.E.M: We have very good references from you, men adore you. Why do you think that this is so? What do you give them?
Mia: I try to be myself at all times and not to disappoint. I like sex but enjoyed and I am flattered to be chosen. I love to seduce and to be seduced, in a relaxed, friendly and, why not, passionate atmosphere. In one word, I enjoy a lot and I wish that they, who shares those moments with me, had the same feelings.
B.E.M: Where do you usually buy your clothes?
Mia: I recognize that this is one of my weaknesses, good brands attract me. Sometimes I get it and others, I low the level but always selecting. I also love good lingerie because I think that it is essential in the intimacy.
B.E.M: Does anybody know that you do this?
Mia: I impose my discretion, only a very intimate and trusted friend.
B.E.M: What is your favorite position or what do you think you do better in the bedroom?
Mia: I do not have a favorite position, I enjoy all. When you are with a man the most important thing for me is that the passion and the desire bring us to a great rapport and look for variations that are required. If we feel like, I also like to decorate with lingerie, toys… and if anyone else join us, is welcome!
B.E.M: Do you like what you do?
Mia: Of course! I like and enjoy, as it has been reflected in our conversation. And I also have a friendship with the clients that I date frequently which makes these moments even more intimate and intense.
B.E.M: Thank you, Mia. Kisses!

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