Nuru Massage


Nuru massage near most people is connected with porn, because on request on the Internet there are often only a few rollers of erotic content. But in the majority they have no relation to this nuru massage. It is the special technique, which can assimilate anyone who wishes. Nuru takes the sources in Japan, if to be more exact, in the city under the name of Kavasaki. Here women teach to do it according to the rules to cause unforgettable pleasure to the man. And it is not surprising, Japanese always considered themselves gourmets in intimate sphere of life, understand pleasure. This massage differs from other that during action nuru gel, and also special set for massage is used. Without it it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. In a composition of nuru gel it is included:

And by itself he remembers viscous, the viscous substance which has no smell and colours.

The essence of massage

All participants of massage have to undress completely. After that the masseur smears, and then the partner with gel. The skin at once becomes smooth, very soft, and still very slippery. This gives the possibility to the beautiful girl without special efforts to slide down the body undressed by the man. Tender touches of hands, hips, body, buttocks, breast, without possibility to touch them, awakens in the present partner hungry even caresses the animal. But, sex does not provide massage. Japanese people too thin people to reduce so beautiful action to trivial sexual intercourse.

The nuru action of the massage

Deep weakening. Thin notes of excitement. Delight of tender touches. Pleasant sensations of sexual play. Skin becomes tender and velvet. Beautiful mood.

Features of nuru massage

In order not to dirty expensive linen, in a set with gel go special sheets. They are always bought by masseurs, it is very convenient. The sheets are waterproof, they are easy to wash and use again. That is why the sets are successful. The steamers can also get at once a set of a special gel and a sheet and enjoy miraculous features of erotic massage. The gel provides an easy, cooling effect that gives an opportunity to achieve a difference in temperatures that is incredible for men. Such an easy and discreet game, coquetry. During the massage the girl tries to use a large area that the touch on the bodies is comfortable. It gives the possibility to bring the hot wave of pleasure. In general, all attention is given to the back and chest, but also to the buttocks and feet. In the Japanese technique there is no need to use classical receptions, i.e. to grind the shoulders, back and kidneys with the hands. The hands gradually glide over the body, it is gentle touching. Nuru does not provide for deep working of the muscles, to him completely other tasks. It should physically and morally relax the man, to give him energy, pleasure, pleasure, pleasant moments.

Nuru massage of a house

It is possible to make a sexual adventure and in home conditions. Just buy a set for oriental massage. In its composition are included:

Two gels. It is necessary to mix it with water. The result is 4 litres of substance for sliding. Airproof, soft and pleasant to feel a veil. Instruction. In it it is written, how to apply gel.

Each gel in a set of sex shop possesses pleasant aroma. It can be a tender smell of melon or mango. Smell gives additional pleasure. It is recommended to massage in a warm room. The gel cools the skin, and can cause even shivering if the surrounding temperature is below 24 degrees. Ideally to put near a place of carrying out massage the heater, it will make process more comfortable. At massage it is necessary to leave not less than 1 hour of time. And nobody forbids further to spend more frankly caresses. Gel of game is good lubricant, and sex with it pleasant. To make nuru massage it is possible not only for a man. Similar caresses will be pleasant for a woman. Or it is possible to alternate this action. And it is possible to try to make mutual massage that will be an excellent prelude. Nuru massage composition is removed by regular water. After the procedure it is necessary to take a shower or bath. Put cold can be washed off and re-applied or just pour without purification. By means of unique procedure it is possible to plunge completely into erotic adventure, having forgotten about affairs and worries. Touching, caressing will help to go beyond the line of the most crazy desires. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure, experiment and try everything new, unknown.

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