10 places you should not miss in Mallorca

It is one of the most touristic islands of the Mediterranean, a destination where good temperatures and beaches are present all the year, and also offers the best communications with Europe; I speak without a doubt about Mallorca. It is an island which, although it is ideal for visiting in summer, you can visit it at any time, since the leisure and cultural options that it offers are innumerable.
Palma Cathedral
It is one of the most beautiful religious temples I have seen in my life; not only because its proximity to the sea makes it seem to be the ‘watchman’ in the Mediterranean, but because the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca has a singular beauty both on the outside and the inside.
Bellver Castle
Another activity that cannot miss on a trip to the Mallorca island is a visit to the Bellver Castle, the only round plant remaining in Europe. Due to its height and its proximity to the sea, you can imagine that the views are spectacular from its towers. In my case, I did the ascent to the Castle by the stairs and it was a tiring climb, but it was definitely worth.
Spanish Village
A nice area to walk during the sunset, and closer to different corners of the country without having to leave Mallorca, it is the Spanish Village; a very similar area to the created earlier in Barcelona. In addition to recreating the streets, squares and buildings of certain Spanish towns, there are numerous bars where taking something; I especially recommend the area dedicated to Córdoba and Granada.
Drach Caves
Although in my case I had not car the day I visited the Drach caves, I picked a bus from the Centre of Palma, which led me to the other end of the island, to the town of Porto-Cristo. There is one of the jewels of nature most visited in the Balearic Islands, Drach caves. They offer a nice walk between rocks and nature to finish with a walk in boat inside where you can hear and see a beautiful spectacle of music and lights.
Boat trip along the port
And for those who, after the boat trip on the Drach caves ‘is not much for them’, we recommend you not to leave the island without making a small cruise ship through the port of Palma. There are several companies that offer this trip to the southwest coast of the island, it lasts approximately one hour and only for the picture that offers the cathedral seen from the sea, it is worth.
Changing of the Royal Guard
In addition to the Almudaina Palace is one of the monuments that all travelers should visit, it has special importance because in its doors it takes place one of the free entertainment of the city: the changing of the Royal Guard. Before the watchful eyes of hundreds of tourists, fully uniformed soldiers perform coordinated movements during the last Saturday of every month at noon.
Riding a horse along the promenade
Are you going to travel with your partner? Do you spend a holiday with family? You can make your trip to Mallorca in a days filled with magic and romanticism if you do a ride on horseback on the shores of the sea and the Centre of the capital. You will see that the carriages are located next to the Almudaina Palace and the Cathedral area and it will be a beautiful memory that you will take from the island.
Arab Baths
Nowadays, there are few remains that the Muslim culture left in the Mallorca Island, however, in Palma you can visit one of them: the Arab baths. You will walk through the main entrance, the room where baths had place, you can appreciate many arches still in good state and a beautiful garden in the courtyard annex.
Sóller train
And finally, and especially if you are traveling in family to Mallorca, there is an activity that has more than 100 years: the travel by train from Palma to Sóller. The last one is in the West coast of the island, to almost 30 kilometers of distance and is performed daily from 1912.

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