23 reasons to have more sex


The facts tell us that lovemaking is not just for pleasure, but also for health.

1. Boosts immunity

Regular sex not only strengthens relationships, it also improves health. Immunoglobulin A levels, which protect us from colds and flu, are boosted by frequent lovemaking (at least twice a week). So instead of chewing ginger and chewing vitamin C, spend a passionate night with your lover.

2. Normalises blood pressure

American scientists have shown that during passionate kissing and bed scenes, blood vessels dilate and the brain receives a better blood supply. It is true that if you are prone to high blood pressure, try to opt for upright positions.

3. Training

Those who don’t rush to the gym and treadmill will be delighted with the fact that quality sex counts as a full workout. Depending on your weight and obsession, it takes an average of about 300 kcal during intercourse, which is almost like a half-hour jog. It burns calories, tightens muscles, strengthens the spine and is more fun than any tap dancing and ABS.

4. Reduces the risk of heart attack

Scientists have found that people who have sex three times a week or more often are half as likely to have a heart attack and stroke.

5. An excellent pain reliever

Numerous studies have already shown that the oxytocin produced during orgasm is excellent at blocking pain receptors. So before you go on the pill, try a pleasant and time-tested remedy.

6. Improves sleep

The fact that all the heroes of romantic melodramas fall fast asleep in each other’s arms immediately after sex has a logical explanation: prolactin is the hormone of deep sleep, which tangoes in the body after orgasm.

7. Getting close

Neither words, nor flowers, nor promises can convey emotions like body language and intimacy.

8. Rejuvenate

To hell with Botox, creams and expensive pills. A Scottish study shows that people who make love four times a week look 7 to 12 years younger than their actual age. And it’s all down to testosterone, collagen and oestrogen, which make skin soft and supple, and hair thick and silky.

9. Combats mental fatigue, anxiety and depression

Nature has not yet invented a better anti-depressant. This is the only time when making love makes you forget all your problems better than any self-training or breathing exercises.

10. Better than money

According to American researchers, sex makes people happier than money.

11. it’s a free pleasure

Unless, of course, sex is a profession, you can have fun at any age, place and time!

12. Stimulates the imagination

During intercourse, the brain is oxygenated, which means it starts to function better. Leave the writing of a complicated report for later and see the results.

13. Boosts self-esteem

There’s nothing quite as liberating as having sex with someone you love. And when it’s good in bed, it also gives you confidence in your daily life.

14. Increases libido

A truism, but it’s true: the more sex you have in life, the more you want.

15. Strengthens friendships

It sounds weird, but stories of sexual adventures are a great excuse to get together for a girls’ night out.

16. Strengthens feelings

Studies have shown that sex intensifies sensations like taste and smell. So don’t deny yourself a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine after sex. They’ll sound different.

17. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men

Having sex with your lover is a good thing. Australian doctors have shown that if a man has sex 21 times a month, his risk of developing prostate cancer is reduced to almost zero.

18. The cure for the blues

Oxytocin not only provides physical pleasure, it also makes you float in seventh heaven.

19. Normalises the cycle

Balancing the menstrual cycle is a tricky business. Sex regulates hormone production, which in turn regulates the menstrual cycle. And it is better and safer than the pill.

20. Develop flexibility

If yoga and Pilates aren’t your thing, practising new poses will help you stretch better than TRX.

21. Prolongs life

A healthy heart, oxygen circulation and positive emotions only add years to your life.

22. it feels good

Sometimes you want to treat yourself to something nice and not take it too seriously.

23. It’s uplifting.

The trick is to let go of preconceived ideas and surrender to the process.

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