69 position


The 69 position is ideal for mutual oral caresses. Oral sex in 69 implies a simultaneous blow job and cunnilingus. Pose 69

Generally speaking, it is clear from the name of the pose how sexual partners should be positioned in order to perform mutual oral stimulation. They are arranged in an inverted position relative to each other like numbers in the number 69. By the way, that is why this pose is also called the jack pose.

Obviously, in principle, there are four possible variations of the 69 pose:
lying down: guy/man on his back and girl/woman on his stomach;
lying down: girl/woman on her back and guy/man on his stomach;
lying down: both partners on their sides;
standing: the guy/man stands on his feet and holds the girl/woman upside down naked.

The last variant of pose 69 is seldom used for obvious reasons, as it is stressful both for the guy/man (having to hold the girl/woman in the air) and for the girl/woman (hanging upside down for a long time is not very healthy, to say the least).

Therefore one of the first three variants of the 69 pose or all of them may be combined if the couple has been having sex in this position for a long time with several orgasms.

Pose 69 with the guy/man on top is preferred for faster recovery after ejaculation or for correcting a possible temporary loss of erection after a slightly delayed contraction of the LA muscle (this is done to prolong the intercourse or to get a dry orgasm). If the guy/man is on top in 69 position, the force of gravity helps to restore an erection faster in both of these cases. It is clear that in the second case it will take much less time to recover the erection. If one squeezes the LC muscle in time before the ejaculation occurs, the erection will hardly diminish at all, which prolongs intercourse and almost guarantees pleasure for the girl/female. 69 position

Arguably, it is very difficult to think of a more equal position than pose 69. Even so, some of the girls/women may say that this position is more stressful for them than for the guys/men, especially if they have to swallow sperm or give a deep blow job during the blow job.

Actually, during a cunny, the guy/man also tastes his girlfriend/woman, so to speak, especially if he is from underneath in the 69 position. After all, when the girl/woman is highly aroused, the secretions from her vagina can get on her tongue and into the guy/man’s mouth. Of course, the volume of semen that the girl/woman swallows while giving a blowjob is greater than these secretions, but still.

Another point of contention can be the positioning of the partners: who should be on top and who should be on the bottom. As I wrote above, when performing oral sex in the 69 position, it is possible to change the position of the partners. By the way, it is recommended to do this if the couple wants to have sex in 69 position for a long time. If you do not change the position, your neck may get stiff )).

Still, posture 69 will be more equal if the man and the girl do not give each other moneys and blowjobs respectively, but mutual anilingus. Already in that case there is definitely no need to swallow anything – both partners are absolutely equal )).

There is an opinion that 69 position is not very convenient for reaching orgasm, because mutual oral caressing distracts each other. So neither the guy/man nor the girl/woman can concentrate on either receiving or giving pleasure to their partner.

I don’t know, I guess there are some individual characteristics of sexual partners that come into play here as well. For example, my ex-wife and I were very fond of the 69 position and we both had no problems with pleasure. So we used 69 a lot when we had sex.

Sometimes we used 69 for mutual arousal before the classical (vaginal) sex, sometimes for my quicker recovery after ejaculation, and sometimes we had sex in this position for a very long time, during which each of us, of course, came several times.

By the way, in the latter case, the advantage of having sex in the 69 position is also the fact that there is no need to worry that the guy/man might cum before the girl/woman does. After that the sex does not stop – the partners continue to stimulate each other, experiencing more and more orgasms. So in 69 position it is possible to have sex for a very long time, giving each other a lot of pleasure.

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