Sex tourism


Travelling alone is a great way to avoid being distracted by extraneous chatter. It is an opportunity to choose interesting tours, avoiding fur factories in Turkey and bee farms in Thailand. It is an opportunity to have a great rest not only with your soul by the hotel pool but also with your body outside the hotel. To complement your visit with new paintings, we have prepared some very spicy material.

There are many places in the world where you can relax and see pleasures from a new perspective. Among the sexual edemas of the planet, there are those that were just a good bite, and there are places with guaranteed, where the bill with the portrait of Franklin to you lined an enthusiastic lush line. So, if you are not burdened by serious relationships, familiar with contraception and ready for adventure – go ahead!


The first item in the sex tourist handbook. Sentinel adventurers boldly head for the Asian kingdom. Here the number of workers in the (officially illegal) sex industry reaches 2-3 million people.

Pattaya is not the only thing you want to ride on elephants. Local Tverskaya – Walking Street, where the European immediately becomes the king of dance and the object of attention of all girls. No less hot is the place of Pattaya is Beach Road. Guests from Phuket and Bangkok also do not have to spend the night alone – cute and little local women always help the big white man to cope with the longing.

Looking for a temporary girlfriend is best at Go-Go and Bir-Bars. Here you have to pay a bargain, a fee for taking a girl with you. Cheaper: short-stay bars, massage parlours and, of course, freelancers. There are quite a few HIV-infected among them, and many were thrown out of the bars for unhealthy behaviour. What were you supposed to do?

It is better to look for a sober or half-drunk partner. There is a great risk of encountering a transvestite or transsexual catoy, which tourists call “ladyboys”. There is no need to be overconfident – a brand, plastic surgery and the incalculable enthusiasm of ex-men will easily fool anyone.


If modesty isn’t your thing, welcome to Negril. Here are the world-famous Hedonism II (for the old) and Hedonism III (for the young) hotels. With shame, as well as with the extra items in the wardrobe here you say goodbye without regrets. The hotel guests make everyone undress: swim in the pool, play volleyball, ride a boat and, of course, have sex. By the way, if the kind of sexual intercourse embarrasses you, you should choose another place to rest – in hedonism ETIMs are everywhere.

It is important. Men in this trivial heaven are twice as many women. So if you go to Hedonismos without your baggage, you can stay in spirited peace. Priestesses of love are hard to come by here, and a big scandal could break out.


Sex tourism on the Island of Liberty has a long history. Before Fidel Castro came to power, rich Yankees came here to see if there was any more gunpowder. The communists covered up the shop for a while, but now Cuba is once again a passion without prejudice or complex.

Most of the girls are concentrated on the Malecon pier in Havana. Almost all of them work as laundresses or maids during the day. The most expensive women are in Varadero, where there are many foreigners.

Beware. There is a danger of bumping into the local Lolitas. The girl could be as young as 14, despite the impressive size of her breasts.


A bleached face, complex hair, an exquisite kimono… a night with a geisha was probably every man’s fantasy. Unfortunately, gaijinam are mostly shiny zeros – girls who have excellent carnal pleasures but are unlikely to spoil you with Blowing Breeze. Among them, there are many Chinese and Korean women, but, as Vovka from the Trident Kingdom said.

If you are directly interested in sex itself rather than in the wisdom of the Japanese science of love zyojutsu, your temporary address is Tokyo, a district of Yoshiwara.
The Netherlands

Two hot spots in the land of tulips, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Full Dutch citizens work here legally. They pay taxes and receive pensions. In Rotterdam, the priestesses of love live on the Keleweg, and in the Dutch capital, in the famous Red Lantern Quarter. And in Amsterdam, there is a sex theatre “Red House”, which tourists love. You can’t go to the fight here, but it is quite hot.

There are three important nuances

1. In the Red Lantern Quarter, do not take out your camera. Filming is not allowed here, and your camera can easily be thrown into the canal.

2. Do not try hallucinogenic mushrooms, which offer local cafes. This is a forbidden mind expander that can get you locked up for eating.

3. Even if you are very passionate, try not to get angry. All love priestesses’ offices are equipped with an alarm button, and the police may come for an overly reticent lover.


If you think you’re not interested in sports, you haven’t heard about the biannual Porno Olympics (27-31 May and 22-26 October) on the Mexican island of Cozumel. Buy a ticket and you’ll step onto a huge porn movie set and become a full-fledged participant.


There is no official prostitution in Kenya. Unofficially, there are Florida 2000 and Formula 1 clubs in Nairobi. Officially, you don’t pay the person you spend the night (or the hour) with. Unofficially, you give a girl a taxi. So-called “romantic tourism” is also popular in Kenya. Young Europeans willingly pay black beauties for escorts, pleasant conversation and other small and not very good services.

There are two dangers in Africa: banditry and very intrusive girls. Never give out your phone number and the link to your Facebook account, otherwise, you will be so actively missed that you will have to change your contact information.


Surprisingly, the homeland of the Kamasutra is far behind Ty in the development of sex tourism. But here, too, an adventure seeker will find a friend. They can meet in New Delhi on G.P. Road and in Wadiya Village in Gujarat.

A few years ago, the enterprising people of Hyderabad decided to go into a profitable business. For a fee, you could get a wife here, but not forever. Forty per cent of the families in the poor city were willing to rent their daughter to a rich foreigner.

It is much easier for sex tourists in India. Indian women can only have sex after marriage, so men are tormented by sexual hunger and are willing to do anything for the sake of the white mistress.


For the benefit of the residents and guests of Germany 300 thousand representatives of the oldest profession work. And they have been doing it absolutely legally since 2002. There is no need to look for confusion on street corners – addresses and detours are available in newspapers and on the Internet.

Sex life is most active in Hamburg, where new friends of women of all colours, ages and sizes await you on the streets of Reeperbahn and Herbertstrasse. Berlin is not far away either – for the World Cup a huge brothel has been built here with the resounding name “Artemis House of Achievement”.

You can find your Sonia Marmeladova in Germany in a brothel called “poofs”, in sex cafes, saunas or simply on the street. Advice to extreme lovers – sex in public places in Germany is strictly forbidden. The penalty for intercourse in the bushes – is up to 10 thousand euros. If you don’t learn your lesson the first time, you can go to jail for up to a year.

Czech Republic

The world’s only museum of sex machines operates in the centre of Prague. The informative exhibition is complemented by pornographic films from the past and the last century. After the elimination of sexual liberation, it is possible to get into practice. Any massage parlour, erotic cafe, or striptease cafe will offer you a girl for fun.

An interesting Czech chip – “free brothels”. Here you will be given a towel, slippers, a condom and even a girl. The intercourse will be absolutely free, provided that you agree to post your bed exercises on the Internet.

Sex is beautiful and nothing reprehensible. But the important thing is to approach it with a cool head. To reach the peak of happiness and avoid leather hiking and police is very easy… follow our advice and be reasonable.

Give and accept love!

Move the world!

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