Things that the body can make during sex


It is not a mystery that sex feels good, but did you know that it also allows to do awesome effects to our body? From orgasm at high speed to generate hormones of happiness, you will not believe what the human body is capable of doing when it is excited.

Rapid ejaculation

The average man ejaculates at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. That is just a little slower than what you are allowed to drive in the most suburban areas! The initial speed boost is designed to give the sperm a powerful output, although obviously the ejaculation does not continue at this speed once inside the vagina. In fact, the sperm only can move about 4 cm every 15 minutes.

Female erection

Not only the male genitals are enlarged during sex. When a woman is about to reach orgasm, her vagina is thickened, responding in a very similar way as a penis would. An excited vagina can actually duplicate its size, as the blood gets to this part of the body, causing the clitoris enlarges. It is almost like the female version of an erection, although the difference in size is not really visible to the naked eye. The breasts of a woman can also be enlarged during sex.

Masturbation = Happiness

If you are feeling a little bit depressed, you can consider to masturbate more frequently. Self-congratulation is not only a good way to release sexual tension – studies have found that orgasms can help prevent depression. That is how it works: our bodies produce endorphins, a chemical that works by mitigating pain and reducing stress, almost as a natural antidepressant. Exercise can release endorphins, as laughter can do, or eating chocolate, or buying new things. Do you know what also releases endorphins? Orgasms! When you experience it, a river of endorphins is released in your brain, filling you with hormones of happiness.

Sex makes you sleep

Forget about pills to sleep – sex is really one of the most powerful remedies against insomnia. Scientists are not sure of why, but almost everyone feels drowsy after sex. Some researchers believe that this sudden attack of fatigue may be due to changes in blood flow. When a male has an orgasm, up to 70% of the left side of his brain has less blood flow, because blood is carrying out other important functions, as to maintain your erection. With less blood flow, the brain is unable to activate many neurons, which can make you feel drowsy.

We hope you enjoyed today’s anatomy lesson! The physical side effects of sex are quite impressive, and our loving ladies in Mallorca know everything about them. Simply contact us to make your reservation.

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