Unusual roleplaying: 5 hot scenes to try now!



Using a little imagination can really give life to an evening of passion. Although we have already seen above some of the most popular fantasies of roleplaying you can try with any of our escorts models, sometimes something more uncommon is what you need to satisfy you. If you are interested in exploring unfamiliar territories, here are some of the less common sexy scenarios that you might enjoy playing.

  1. King of the jungle

The best sexual encounters often scale up to pure animalistic madness, so, why not skip a couple of steps to play as a couple of beasts for breeding? To pounce on the other one, be a little rude, and just let your instincts take control. Change the words of encouragement by grunts, moans and even a roar. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion noted tonight.

  1. Credit card rejected

In reality, a credit card rejected would worry you. But in the realms of fantasy, this scenario is an opportunity to pay for goods and services with other goods and services. Maybe you are a mechanic and you need she keeps your engine running. Maybe she is a hairdresser who need a good compensation for the fifteen centimeters of hair that she has cut you.

  1. “You are my hero!”

The comic-books heroes are now very popular, so you do not have to doubt about how sexy they are. For this mighty scenario, the options are virtually endless. You could explore the secret sex life of Batman and Catwoman, having the black widow going to rescue you in more than one sense, or taking the upside down kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane to the next level of intimacy. It will seem a little bit silly at first, but continue the roll and you will be able to be surprised of how sensual an alter ego can be.

  1. To play as doctors

There is something undeniably sexy in having a hot partner exploring your body intimately – and return the favor, of course! You asked for an appointment for a general checkup, but there were certain parts of your body that seemed to need extra special attention. And then she decided that certain experimental approaches could help to treat your fast growing symptoms.

  1. “We just meet, but…”

Sex with a stranger: is delinquent, spontaneous and dangerous. But when it is a roleplay, only the first two apply. The idea of a spontaneous torrid encounter based on pure lust at first sight is extremely erotic. Unlike in other many scenarios where you need to develop your character in advance to get a full effect, this situation progresses with the mystery of not knowing anything about that sexy person with whom you are dating.

Do you have any unusual fantasy in which you would like to get involved with an open minded partner who will not judge you? One of our stunning luxury escorts in Mallorca is ready to play; check out our gallery to find your perfect partner and contact us to ensure your night of fun.

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