4 creative sexual positions to try

Having a favorite sex position is great. It is like having an old trusted friend ready to help you reach your goal at any time. You know what you are doing, how it works from the beginning to the end, and how to deliver the order.
Here comes the bad news: you could be missing a wonderful sex. You can be putting aside an incredible sex because you don’t want to take any risk. If you have quoted with one of our stunning escort models in Palma de Mallorca, make sure you have some creative ideas to give life to your night.

  1. Connection-Countertop

Find a countertop. Either will serve, although it is more likely you prefer it slightly below the level of your pelvis. Lay her on the countertop and slide her forward until she reaches the edge, or even surpassing it slightly. Then raise her legs and let it go. You will see that with this position you will get an extremely deep penetration, at the time that it allows you to lean on her body, giving you the ability to control the speed and pace effectively.

  1. Washer Doggy

Give a new twist to the doggy style with the “Experimental machine” movement. Turn on the washer before tilting it over her and continue in the style of always. Between the machine heat and the unusual location, the washer will not be the only thing that turns like crazy when you apply this technique. Additional bonus: Here you can do more than having an appointment – if you have clothes for washing, take advantage of the situation and kills two birds with one stone!

  1. Dirty frame

We hope that your door frames are clean, because if it is not, you will have to clean them before giving it a chance to this technique. You have to work the strength of your legs in this position – you will need to get squatting with your back against the door frame. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and let her seat in your lap with her back towards you. She can support against the other frame and control the movement. It can be worthwhile to put a blanket or towel behind your back to prevent discomfort.

  1. Sofa climber

Good news: you have to sit down. Better news: both will enjoy with this simple stimulating position. Sit on your sofa and let her climb facing you. If she is standing and gets squat rather than sitting on your knees, she can achieve a big bounce and depth. This is a perfect position for a woman who likes to take control of the situation, and you can relax and enjoy the views. Alternatively, you could use your hands for extracurricular activities.
Don’t be afraid to leave your bedroom and explore what your home can offer you. Stairs, furniture and walls are opportunities to try something new. Are you ready to start with one of our Mallorca escorts?

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