5 things that you didn’t know about orgasms

5 things that you didn’t know about orgasms

Orgasms are wonderful things. No matter how old you are, or how you prefer to reach the majestic final, one thing is almost universal – it feels wonderfully. Probably you already know this very well. Now comes one, or all, and observe some facts you might not know about orgasms.

  1. Everybody have a lot

If you are male, you can expect to have around 4.233 orgasms in your lifetime. OK, this is an average, and your personal number may be slightly higher or lower. Women, on the other hand, report of around 1.836 orgasms. Do not stress to beat this record (or having passed it already) – there is no shame in winning this race!

  1. Women are not the only one that pretend it

Although women simulate them frequently, a whopping 34% of men have admitted to have faked to their partners. More than half of these men indicate wanting to safeguard the feelings of their partners, and it is usually related with exhaustion, stress, or drug/alcohol consumption.

  1. You don’t need genitals to reach orgasm

The word “orgasm” seems always associated with thoughts of genitals. However, it is not always the case. There are people who, for whatever reason, cannot enjoy orgasms through their genitals – and therefore get enjoyment of other erogenous zones. Reported orgasms caused by stimulation of an eyebrow, a knee and even for brushing your teeth (Yes, also gives us envy!). Although anyone can have these unique sensory areas, people who have to manage a paralysis in their lives, often develop new erogenous zones to compensate the lack of sensation in the lower part of the trunk.

  1. You can have them being dead

Theoretically, it is even possible to have them being dead. There have been certain responses in bodies that are being kept alive with a respirator, normally with a purpose of organ donation. Hypothetically, if you stimulate a specific response in the nervous system, it would be possible for the deceased body to produce an orgasm. One last request?

  1. They end up with the buzz

Did your parents tell you anytime the story of the birds and the bees? What they probably forgot to tell you is the fact that when Queen Bee mates with a drone, the testicles of this exploit and remain within the Queen. It is believed that this is evolutionarily designed to prevent another drone to fertilize her eggs. Although it makes perfect sense, it is likely to give little comfort to the poor dead drone whose genitals now reside within the Queen. This could be a way of encouraging teenage celibacy!

Orgasms can be complex and varied experiences for everyone. If you are willing to give your partner a sweeping orgasm (except the part of the explosion and curtailment of the testes, we hope), talk about it and try to provide a complete sensual experience.

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