Fetishes and escorts Mallorca

We all have our little twists and persuasions, right? Of course we do. That’s why Best Escort in Mallorca we like to please our customers by offering a wide selection of genuine fetish lovers for discerning gentlemen…

No matter if you prefer admiring a gorgeous set of glossy leather boots or if you like being whipped until you scream in ecstasy, it is all totally normal and we respect human nature. Do not let anyone make you feel bad for your choices. Fortunately, there are some fetish escorts in Mallorca who are more than happy to help you fulfill your desires!

The word fetish comes from the Portuguese word “feitiço” which means “spell”. This word, with clear sexual connotation, is used to refer to objects or features of the opposite sex that excites us and makes us drool with no apparent reason. Some things that often fantasize and raise our libido to unexpected limits. Some of our girls confess us hers. Want to discover who they are and what fantasies they have?
Submission and domination are one of the most used fetishes by couples, allowing them to expose a different side to show sex every day.

Anna, one of our escorts in Mallorca, confesses that she is usually very shy and discreet in her daily life, but in the bedroom she transforms. She wears her leather boots and latex dress, taking control of the situation and enjoying it when her partner follows her orders. Fetish domination offers endless possibilities, and can involve the use of various sex toys such as whips and handcuffs.

Voyeurism is another fetishism that has more popularity. It is a practice in which a person gets sexual pleasure from the simple act of looking at other people naked or having sex with each other. “There is a special curiosity in seeing other people in an intimate act. See as they rub against each other, touch, is very exciting. I have come to have orgasms just by looking at one of these scenes,” reveals the beautiful Angela One of our younger companions in Mallorca.
For another of our beautiful girls, her fetish has less to do with an act but specific characteristics of men. Beautiful Rita melts with men with beards. “I find the most manly and irresistible”.
Of course there are an infinite variety of objects and fetishes acts like golden shower, foot fetish, lingerie, PVC clothing, leather and látex, hair etc. and all these desires can meet our luxury escorts in Mallorca. Just call us at 693 35 31 30 and tell your fantasy for an escort advises you that you can keep it.

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