Why do men prefer blondes

Why men prefer blondes
Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts, Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly … No doubt some of the best ambassadors of what the ‘sensuality’ can become. More than actresses, true icons that have marked generations of men, who have made them dream, sigh and love for them.
But what they had been or would be as desired if they had not been blondes? The answer to this question would probably be ‘no’.
The blonde color was synonymous with success over the last half century and an indispensable reference become someone element. The most glamorous actresses, more sophisticated models or couples of the most powerful men on the planet they shared. Even Norma Jeane had to give up your tan to become the sex symbol who became Marylin Monroe.
The gold was the color of success simply.
The blond, a natural preference
It was during this time but in reality it has always been. Blonde women have already exercised since the beginning of humanity an irresistible power over men.
In a search of meaning for this behavior are as zoology like this irresistible to the nature of the magpies and bright objects need to store attraction. Men, in its most primitive natural condition, they would be strobed attracted to the yellow hair of women.
But perhaps not necessary to go that far. You simply have to understand how with this skin colorbetter conveys information about the degree of health or sexual interest of an individual. In womenalso more delicate, girlish and feminine image is generated, whereby the protective instinct of manis still more increased.
If these arguments are not sufficient to understand why the success of blonde women, may be the last element end sacándoos doubts.
Scarcity is and will be a unique and definitive constraint whereby the male may lose any previously acquired consistent behavior. And the blonde, as a scarce it is and the fewer people have in the world, offers a unique opportunity to highlight and draw attention in this context.
A population with an expiration date?
Being natural blonde is genetically much more difficult to be tan. The genes that make peopleblondes are recessive while that become brown are dominant.
Are we then to a segment of the population with an expiration date?
This should be a key question at this point of the article. And after its corresponding reflection should also be of concern and even despair.
Do blonde women may disappear from the face of the earth?
The answer here is no. And nothing better than an anthropological explanation to explain why andprevent panic. This and Scandinavia, of course.
Thanks to a study by the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and Central Lancashire (England) was established at the end of the Ice Age food became scarce in northern Europe today. This meant thatmen had to venture to hunt increasingly large to ensure the survival animals. Although this it implied a large decline in terms of what the male population concerned. Thus the number ofwomen to men was increased to a point where every male individual could choose among women of the tribe to their free will.

At this point perhaps using the previously described natural part, each male was directing theirpreferences for blondes and causing these genes were transmitted faster than the others.In conclusion, it was thanks to them that blonde women hardly fail to be present on Earth.

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