How to have hot Cybersex


The digital age has already arrived. If we take into account that internet has altered almost every aspect of our lives, it is not surprising that it has also changed the way of having sex. The cybersex has been there since the arrival of the internet to the population, in the 90s. From sex via Skype to nudes in Snapchat, it has been a long way since then.

If you have never tried cybersex, you are missing it. To date by the internet is a great way to release sexual tension and you can do it from your sofa. Do you still think that cybersex is not for you? It is normal to feel nervous before trying something new, and certainly you have to be extremely cautious in regards to have sex by the internet. Here are some tips to have safe and fun cybersex:

Concerns regarding Privacy

Unless you want to become a star of the amateur sex, be careful with whom you choose to interact. Even if you are having cybersex with someone you trust, be aware to protect your privacy. Keep in mind that webcams can record sequences in secret, and watch out also with screenshots.

But an important thing of what makes cybersex exciting is the risk involved. It is almost impossible to protect you entirely from the “revenge porn”, but that should not inhibit you enjoy an active online sexual life. Instead of avoiding cybersex, just try to use your common sense when it comes to your privacy.

Be brave

Having cybersex requires confidence. We know that undressing in front of a webcam can make you feel weird. Overcoming this initial nervousness can take a while, but it is assumed that the cybersex is fun! To worry about what you look like or to feel you stupid for saying dirty things, does not make sense.

Put aside your anxieties will make your experience much more enjoyable with the cybersex. To have sex in the digital world is really a great way to overcome inhibitions. The feeling of remoteness can help you acquire a new identity, even with someone you know and trust.

Dress strategically

To wear clothes that you can take off easily makes cybersex much easier. Boys can wear a t-shirt and trousers or shorts, while skirts and dresses are great options for girls.

Almost everything is allowed when it comes to cybersex. Some people dress very carefully, but there are no strict dress codes. You do not have to make great efforts for your appearance if you do not want it. Simply dress as you feel comfortable. Anyway you will probably end up naked, so do not worry about your options when dressing.


One of the most important aspects of the cybersex is to decide what works for you. Once you know what you want, you can start looking for it in the internet. If the person with whom you are having cybersex is doing something that does not work for you, just tell him. No photos of cocks? It is ok. Just say it before.

Cybersex is not for everyone. If you prefer real sex, contact us. We can put you in contact with one of the sexiest escorts in Mallorca.

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