Love Is An Open Door

Let’s see why open relationships work really well for some people (Note: this can help you decide if an open relationship is good for you, but remember: this is a decision you should make after considering your personal circumstances and the feelings of your partner).
Mutual Agreement and Satisfaction
Perhaps the most crucial element in a successful open relationship is the mutual agreement. If a part is reluctant to the idea, or just agree to feel pressed to do so, you can start expecting a bumpy road ahead. However, if both fully understand what is involved in an open relationship and really eager to try it, there is an enormous potential for sexual satisfaction for both parties – without any betrayal or guilt.
Honesty and Fairness
An open relationship enhances the honesty – about attractions, adventures and feelings. While a traditional relationship would force you to go out with friends and drink until you stay locked up and leaving you feeling guilty, an open relationship let you share and openly discuss these facts and emotions.
Another advantage of these agreements is that they are inherently fair. Standards (or lack of them) apply both to you and your partner equally – or at least this is how it should be. Ideally, this combination of transparency and fairness implies that irritating suspicions and jealousy are forbidden, and there should be a stronger bond between both.
Fulfilling Expectations Successfully
If you want that your open relationship work, it is essential that you discuss your expectations with your partner. Are some people excluded? Can you bring your sexual partners at home? Is it right to tell your friends that your relationship is open? Knowing how both of you feel about these matters will help to ensure that neither of you feel as the ‘Loser’ in your open relationship.
Another decision to take is if you will share details of your conquests or if your sexual lives separately will remain private. Some people prefer to listen to it all, while others are happy to simply knowing the basics.
Genetic Predispositions
The genetic basis of some people makes more likely for them to want to love several people simultaneously. Without delving too much into scientific aspects, some individuals simply have more oxytocin – a hormone linked to attachment – than others. If both members of a relationship fit into this category, it is logical that an open relationship could work well for both.
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