Recipe for a hot anniversary

Is your anniversary approaching again? Are you getting tired of the old routine “dinner/movie/sex”? Making your anniversary more fun is easy – just follow this recipe to have an anniversary to remember.

Add provocation

Write a note to your partner and let it in any place where he/she will find it when you are not near. Left some clues about what this afternoon will bring to him/her, and give a personal touch – leave him/her recalling some experience particularly hot that you have ever had, or include a sexy photo (just make sure that he/she will be warned that he/she might have to be prepared). Prepare the environment and let rise the excitement!

Combine with something special

Choose a costume that makes you feel confident, or plan a role-play that leaves your partner with stockings down (along with the rest of her clothes, with a bit of luck). Prepare a dinner with sense, which keep a certain meaning for both of you and let this take you to new fantasies.

Warm the room at the optimal temperature

Whether you have booked a room in a hotel or you have been spending the evening at home to make sure that the room is perfect. Imagine that the air – music, lighting and scent – are for the most part components that assistance to make an erotic climate.In the event that you are at home, leave the bed smooth and clean the space to abandon it engaging – anything offsite is a potential diversión from the headliner!

Changes the “Spices” of the personal tastes

Here is the basic recipe for an incredible night, but don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own! Add some extra “spices” to make your celebration truly special. Personal tastes vary, so feel free to deviate from the recipe and create a unique mixture that hits the spot.

An Extra person

If you want a truly memorable anniversary, why not consider getting an escort model? You won’t have to feel embarrassed by making a call to a friend or family member to gauge their enthusiasm; our escort models will be more than happy to help bring new life into your relationship. Enjoy a guilt-free experience without the hassle of involving someone from your everyday life.

Neon rods

Give them a chance before you laugh at them. Rolling parts of your body with neon rods and turn off the lights can provide tempting erotic glimpses of parts that normally are familiar to you. Think about your thighs, midsection or neck, or we should perceive how innovative you are with them.


If you’re looking for a fun and intimate way to get to know your partner, consider playing sexy versions of games like “Two Truths and a Lie” or “I Have Never.” Before you do, make sure that both of you feel comfortable talking and learning about each other’s past. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not try something like Naked Twister? You can add a little extra excitement by giving subtle touches, and it usually ends up in a hilarious and chaotic mess!

Eat together

We don’t plan to just have dinner tonight. Spice it up by using each other as a “serving dish” and adding something sweet like whipped cream. And don’t forget to take a romantic bath together– it will make for the perfect anniversary night!
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