What an escort agency can offer


1. The diversity of services.

Exclusive escorts in Mallorca offer a wide variety of services covering all the most common erotic practices and even more specific ones.

With them you will be able to aspire, if it is within the escorts’ services, from oral, vaginal, masturbation, bath or sensual massage, domination or submission, Greek, among others. As well as services that please any fantasy you may have, whether it is role playing, fetishism, couple service, threesomes, orgies and more.

This will allow you to realize any illusion you have, without any sign of shame or self-consciousness, since an escort knows perfectly well how to help you realize it without judging you.

Its wide variety of services, which will depend on each escort, is one of its greatest benefits, since it allows any client, regardless of the type of desire he wants to fulfill in or out of bed, to do it with an experienced lady willing to please him in everything.

A luxury escort agency in Mallorca also offers a private events service where you will be able to enjoy the night with the escorts you need.

The agency will take care of the organization of the private event, where you will be accompanied by drinks, food, good music and beautiful ladies at all times, or collaborate in a black tie meal while tasting a good catering and drinking wine.

You only need to leave in the agency’s hands the organization of the whole event, and it will take care of giving you and your guests a pleasant experience in every way. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of a unique time and enjoy the company of beautiful ladies ready to please you.

Thanks to luxury escorts, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your erotic fantasies, in addition to having a quality company if you need to go to an event, since these experts are able to provide services that are at the height, both sexually and socially.

2. Discretion and privacy

Discretion is one of the most important factors for our clients and also for us. The calls and any other information regarding our clients are also agreed with the utmost confidence.
It is clear to us that discretion is something significant for both escorts and clients.

We will never divulge information about either party. And in case we are asked for a photo of the escort, the escort will have to give her authorization. In many situations they refuse to send the picture because they like to be as discreet as possible.

3. Safety

First of all, because your health and comfort are completely assured. As mentioned in previous lines, Mallorca escorts are subjected to constant and strict medical controls to ensure that they are in excellent condition.

In all serious and responsible high-class escort agencies, gynecological tests and check-ups are carried out to guarantee the protection and comfort of both the escorts and their clients.

Healthiness is the most important thing when it comes to sexual meetings with a Mallorca escort. You will only have to worry about enjoying yourself to the fullest and having a good time from the beginning to the end of the encounter.

Escort agencies in Mallorca carefully select the ladies who are going to be part of their staff. When you hire the services of an escort girl, you are looking to spend a pleasant – and why not unforgettable – moment with a beautiful woman, transvestite or transsexual, who suits your tastes and preferences.

And of course, speaking specifically about sex, we want the mature escort Mallorca to be qualified to please us in bed, fulfilling all the illusions and desires we have.

In short, luxury escort agencies are in charge of managing with total professionalism, protection and reliability the meetings between their clients and their escorts.

Unless there are any force majeure reasons, the hustlers in Palma de Mallorca will always show up precisely to the meeting, saving you all kinds of inconveniences.

In case you are looking to enjoy the services of two luxury escorts together, you will be given the best suggestion about which are the most suitable ladies for you to have the threesome you dream of.

In addition, customer service is available 24 hours a day, and you can meet with their hustlers in Mallorca luxury center at any time of the day or night you wish.

It is worth mentioning that the facilities of the escort agencies in Mallorca stand out for being neat, stylish, warm and cozy. They meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, which will allow the most rigorous clients to enjoy a fine, pleasant and distinguished environment.

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