The words: do affect how attractive you are?

The words: do affect how attractive you are?
John Keating in “The club of dead poets” was right when he gave to his school class this lesson of life. If you were expecting as response a “Nah, just continue speaking as you want” when you clicked on this post, get ready to feel disappointed. Your vocabulary – and the way how you use it – can have an effect very different in how attractive you look like for women. Either with a girl at the bar or an Mallorca escort model in your hotel room, woman with which you speak is conducting small trials about how attractive you are with every word you say – even if she does not realize consciously!
Here are a few clues to make your words work for you when you participate in the game of seduction.
Cut those undecided interjections
A man who say “um”, “er” or “like” once per sentence, is not a self-confident man. And, as you know, security is an integral part of the attraction. Listen to yourself all these meaningless “fillers” when you speak and start practicing their removal of your speech. An extra second of preparation before releasing a statement can give you the direction you need to express yourself with safety without any of this uncomfortable period.
Use interesting words (that you know)
Only you can say to a woman a few times how “pretty” she is, unless she starts to think about if she is chatting with an intelligent man or a defective recorder. It is time to work your repertoire of synonyms. Your appointment is beautiful, lovely, stunning and breathtaking. Display words you know in each subject in which you talk together. Would it be somewhat strange to look at an online dictionary on your phone while she is in the bathroom? Yes, a little bit, but men have made more weird things to flirt, by far! Just make sure you use words which you really know the meaning; if you are caught using the wrong word, all the attraction that you have built using your linguistic repertoire could collapse suddenly.
Reinforce your textual chemistry
It would surprise you to know how many women make the decision to follow a man based on his spelling and grammar during the initial digital contact. Many men fail in this area not because they don’t know how to do it better, but because they believe that it is not important or that a little review of the punctuation or spelling requires more time than it deserves. The truth is that it is just the opposite. It is more likely “Babe, you looks wonderful with that dress” than “You are sooo pretty, sexy!!”.
You don’t need to recite poetry or use words of ten syllables to impress a lady, but invest some effort in your language can really make a big difference in how attractive you look. Our Mallorca escorts love to have a good conversation (among other things!). Take a look at our gallery to find a beautiful woman to spend the night.

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