How did escorts services come about?


Today, the escort profession is a well-paid, interesting and promising profession and is fortunately no longer wrongly associated with prostitution. “Escort” translates as companion and implies the possibility to keep company to solid and wealthy men at social and business events, even abroad, in exchange for a large amount of money. How did the escort profession come about? Let’s look at the details, starting with medieval Europe.

Renaissance era

During the Renaissance there were cultured, influential and gifted courtesans, formerly known as hetaeras, who specialised in satisfying the sexual needs of men. Most of the time they were actresses, singers, dancers, etc. They were beautiful and talented girls who had to satisfy the sexual and social needs of men. The courtesans were mostly free prostitutes who, unlike brothel prostitutes, worked “for themselves”, serving a few wealthy clients in their own elegant flats.

Romanticism: the age of modesty

At the time, virtuous and innocent women were compared to the Virgin Mary and prostitutes to the Bible’s chief adulteress, Mary Magdalene. In the Victorian era, women could only have sex with their husbands for the purpose of procreation, assuming the role of martyr.

Such a strict and conservative moral code led to the extreme backwardness and ignorance of married women about sex and fertility in the 19th century. Decent and virtuous women’s attitudes towards sex were negative and often associated with feelings of guilt. They felt that sexual relations degraded them and insulted their dignity. No woman would present herself naked to her own husband, let alone to a stranger such as a doctor (hence the unthinkably high mortality rate). The female body in the age of modesty was completely desexualised. Obviously, at no other time did prostitution flourish so actively.

Men, eager to satisfy their sexual desires, went “underground” where they could have sex with concubines or prostitutes. These places were frequently and willingly visited, especially by young men. Here they learned the secrets of the art of love and prepared for marriage. At the same time, when they married and started families, sex had an indecent meaning for them. They did not and could not expose their own wives and the mothers of their children. The very idea of what they did in their unmarried days seemed absurd. Thus, the functions of the sexual act, which were limited to reproduction and procreation, were separated from sensuality and physical pleasure.

The 18th century: how did the love-makers work?

In the 18th century, prostitution flourished mainly in perfumeries, millineries and fashionable salons, which were secret brothels. The beautiful young girls who worked there would sprinkle coloured powders or flowers in the windows as a signal to the customer. This meant that sexual favours could be obtained here. The customer would buy goods in this shop and choose a girl, who would take him to her flat or to the back of the shop for a close but brief introduction.

Japanese Geisha

Simultaneously with the transformation of the pleasure industry in Europe, Japan was following its own historical path. Geisha have always been shrouded in mystery. These elegant white-faced women dressed in ornate kimonos are considered the most expressive symbol of Japanese culture, the archetype of the impenetrable femme fatale. They are not prostitutes, as some people think. The high society can listen to music, watch traditional dances, enjoy a sublime atmosphere or, while drinking sake (Japanese alcohol made from rice), taste exquisite dishes. A geisha is an intelligent, educated, talented and beautiful woman.

Support services

Of all the above, modern escort services are the closest to geisha. A successful man is willing to pay a lot for the pleasant company of a beautiful girl who is able to carry on a conversation on any subject, speak foreign languages and take care of the physical and emotional comfort of her companion.

Escorts have many advantages, but since we are a conservative society, you can only get to know them through the experts in this industry. First of all, it is a very high salary. Second, there is no other job that is as flexible in terms of time. Third, clients are typically in their 30s and 50s, and are all sophisticated and intelligent adults who are often successful business leaders in their industries. It is also important to remember that escorts are completely confidential as long as you work with a trusted agency. A escorts services agency reliable in Mallorca will protect your privacy and your real data in any circumstance.

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