Interview with Angela, escort in Mallorca


María: Hello, Angela. Why have you chosen to work as escort in Mallorca?
Angela: Mainly because this is the best way to supplement my life with my passions and desires, in addition to that I think that I know to do it right and then I can get benefit from it in all aspects. I enjoy this and I think I have found my site. It makes me feel good to be a young lady’s company.
María: Why have you chosen work with our escorts’ agency in Mallorca?
Angela: I decided to take the step with Best Escort Mallorca because from the first moment I thought it was a reliable and close company, and that is hard to find today. Also because it attracted me the idea of being part of a luxury escort agency and Mallorca seems to me a great place, ideal to give my best to the person willing to be with me.
María: Tell us, in general, how are you?
Angela: I am outgoing, friendly, cheerful, with a sense of humour, I am a smart girl, I speak English and Spanish…
María: What are your hobbies?
Angela: I like going shopping, surprising me always watching something that I like and imagining how I would be. I also like long walks on the beach at night, watching a good movie.
María: A dream you want to meet?
Angela: Spending a day on a yacht with a magnificent man who appreciates my company.
María: How is the ideal man for you?
Angela: That knows how to make me laugh, with sense of humour; that has natural charm, a look that penetrates me, self-confident, and let me feel unique.
María: What fetish do you have?
Angela: Couples. That a couple makes me be part of it. I love that.
María: Why do customers have to choose you?
Angela: Because I am able to give a perfect girlfriend experience and a complete list of things that a man would not want to lose, I have qualities to satisfy in every way possible. I also encourage couples to discover me because I will not disappoint them at all, I love them.
María: Tell us any fantasy of yours.
Angela: Me on a yacht where there is also a couple and while I sleep they are in their moment of greatest ecstasy, and come to my bed and endorse me unannounced in the middle of the night.
María: How is your typical day?
Angela: A good breakfast, a little exercise, walking, watching a movie, give me some luxury from time to time.
María: What is your favourite food?
Angela: Italian pasta makes me crazy, there is a lot of variety and I like it for its taste and texture.
María: How is your experience being so far as lady’s company?
Angela: Great! I feel good satisfying others because at the same time I am also doing it. I am enjoying this much more than I expected, and I hope to be able to continue to do so for a long time as escort vip.
María: Thank you for telling us a little about yourself and for becoming part of our team. Kisses!

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