Interview with Cristina, a Polish escort

B.E.M: Hello Cristina, why did you decide to collaborate with our exclusive escort agency in Mallorca?
Cristina: I think that working as a VIP escort is a convenient way to combine my private life with the erotic-festive and guarantee my sexual and economic satisfaction. Can you request more?
B.E.M: What you can highlight about yourself? What can you offer that the other high-class escorts do not provide?
Cristina: Sincerely comparisons are odious. Is an orchid better than a rose?
Anyway, if had to highlight something about myself, it would be my humanity, humility, humidity… Ha, ha, ha, especially humidity. As a elite escort I give myself to the fullest, I love to fantasize.
B.E.M: What is your job? What lifestyle do you live? Tell us.
Cristina: I am a very traditional woman. A creative Cook, I love the cuisine. I am a lovely lady in my living room and fascinating high-class escort in bed.
B.E.M: What car do you have?
Cristina: I was born to be taken.
B.E.M: What jewelry do you use?
Cristina: On my wrist a Cartier, on my table a Vega Sicilia and a good ham in my bed… Maybe could be you?
B.E.M: How do you like men?
Cristina: Having a mischievous look… being interesting and intelligent. But above all that they were generous in bed and out of it.
B.E.M: What fantasy would you like to perform with some of our customers from our luxury escort agency?
Cristina: Having an incidental and intense encounter with a woman and at the time of more intensity, the man joins us. The perfect threesome.
B.E.M: Why do swinger clubs fascinate you?
Cristina: Because every day that you go, is a different experience, there are not two equal afternoons or two different nights. Interact with your partner, with other couples, play, receive, and offer, the curiosity and feelings there inside are indescribable.
B.E.M: Could you tell us a funny situation in there?
Cristina: A meeting at a swinger club. This club was a tower, several floors, and the second one was a pool. I got out of the shower, entered the pool and behind me I found my companion. I turned him toward me and kissed him passionately… Suddenly I realized that he was not my companion, our faces were astonished… then the three of us laughed a lot and we did it in the pool.
B.E.M: Thank you Cristina!

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