Interview with Karina, VIP Escort in Mallorca

B.E.M: Hello Karina, how long have you been working as a VIP escort with the Best Escort Mallorca agency?

Karina: Hi, I have been working in the exclusive escort agency in Mallorca for 3 months and I am very happy, not about the agency, but because it is the most appropriate agency for me.

B.E.M: Why have chosen our agency?

Karina: For me… the treatment is exquisite, both for the company and the customers. I feel safe working with the agency.

B.E.M: How is your day? What time do you wake up? What are you doing during the day…?

Karina: I like waking up early; I usually wake up without an alarm clock at eight o’clock. I need to combine both activities, my job as a Secretary and my job in the agency.

B.E.M: You are a very attractive and sexy woman, what are your strengths in the sexual sphere?

Karina: As any man interacts differently, that energy transforms me to complacency and different satisfactions, it is not mechanical, it arises naturally.

B.E.M: What clothes do you use to wear in your appointments? How is your underwear?

Karina: I love to wear clothes suitable for each occasion, almost always they are dresses. I am addicted to luxury lingerie, I feel very sexy wearing it though over it I wear jeans.

B.E.M: Why do you think that they should make an appointment with you?

Karina: Basically because I am natural, spontaneous and very helpful.

B.E.M: And finally, would you like to tell us something about you?

Karina: I enjoy sex a lot, so I wanted to try this experience which I love.

B.E.M: Thank you very much, Karina!

2015-10-25 Maria

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